'Shine your boots, Sir?'
The Art of the Bootblack

By Vincent

What better way to start an s/m scene than with a good, old-fashioned spit shine?  Ensconced in his chair, high above his boi, the top is afforded an opportunity to sit back, relax and be serviced.  For the bottom, his pleasure is double, knowing that he is serving both the practical matter of providing his master with well-polished boots, as well as giving his hard-working top a psychological and emotional respite.  

Considering that boots are de rigueur in the world of leather, it is surprising that the "Art of the Bootblack" workshop, held February 11, 2001, at the Center, was not more heavily attended.  Still, just under a dozen of the faithful were present for the workshop led by Fred.  Fred's bootblacking resume is impressive.  He won second place in the bootblack contest two years in a row at IML.  Fred's patient and thorough instructions were well-appreciated.

Boots themselves conjure up images of everything from jackbooted Nazi SS storm troopers unleashing a reign of terror as they goose-stepped across Europe, to the more sympathetic image of American servicemen, in standard issue combat boots, trudging through and hopelessly bogged down in the jungles of a Southeast Asian rain forest.

Boots connote power, fear and a degree of intimidation.  Most of a