Dangerous Spoons
By Bruce M.

From NewsLink, Fall 2000

Imagine. It's a Saturday night. You and the friend you met the past Wednesday night at the GMSMA genitorture program have begun to get along real well.

It's your place. You're in chaps, vest, leather cap, tall laceups. Him, he's wearing nothing but what he was born in, except for the leather restraints on his wrists, holding him taut, tight to the wall.

You've just begun teaching him that a big wooden spoon is meant for balls, not sauces, when there's a pounding at the door.

"Open up, it's the police!"

Spoon in hand, you get to the door and open it up.

Bam! You're under arrest. Charged with assault with a dangerous spoon, err, weapon. And his consent, repeated over and over again to the arresting officer, means nothing.

Ridiculous? Unfortunately not.

This past July, in Attleboro, Massachusetts, something quite similar occurred in a case now known as "Paddleboro." On July 8, police officers there raided a private party where adults were engaging in consensual s/m. They charged the host with keeping a house of prostitution, possessi