Feet and Boots

A steamy August afternoon in New York, maybe ninety-five. The asphalt gives under your feet. Naked legs everywhere. Suddenly you sense a different rhythm. You hear them coming before you see them. You take in their silhouettes before they come into focus. Yeah! Big, heavy, hot engineer's boots. Dusty outside and sweaty inside. Make that 98.6. Up to the knees. Nice thighs. Crotch, waist, chest, face. One hundred eighty degrees and you are behind that bruiser for blocks.

A chilly August afternoon in Copenhagen. Sidewalk cafe on a chic cobblestone square. He strides in among the throng of blond Thor-gods of Thunder: young, dark, cocky, Italian tourist in sunglasses and T-shirt. His pant legs are rolled up. He's barefooted, for Chrissakes! Black hairs tickle his olive shins, his insteps. His arches curl up like cats ready to pounce. Your coffee grows cold.

Genital fetishists may not be conscious of it, but the foot is one potent sexual image. Society's jokes hardly conceal the fascination. Open the door to a discussion of feet and somebody will invariably stick one in; bet on it. Everybody knows a lot of straight guys lose it for women's high heels. A bigger secret - but one that's getting smaller fast - is men's desire for other men's feet. Dress shoes, sneakers, and socks have their devotees too. But among men who like leather and rough stuff, the look is unmistakably boots. GMSMA's well-attended December 4th seminar on feet and boots, held at the LURE, left no doubt about that.

Both coordinators, John and Adam, r