The Reasons for Joining GMSMA
By Ray M.

So, you joined GMSMA so you could get reduced entrance fees to the Wednesday night programs and special events. Great. Or you joined so you would be eligible to sign up for our Special Interest Groups, our workshops and our seminars. Why not? Or you wanted to make sure you got into one of GMSMA's Dungeon Demos, not to mention receiving NewsLink free of charge. Who wouldn't? And all these are just part of the benefits and perks membership in GMSMA brings. But are they the best reasons? I don't think so. Then what are?

Let's start with some typical members who, for important reasons, cannot attend our Wednesday programs or the many educational seminars and demos that we schedule because they live outside the New York area or simply have other commitments that preclude their taking advantage of these particular membership offerings. Why have they become members of GMSMA? I think they have joined for reasons that have nothing to do with programs or workshops or news magazines, etc. They see membership in GMSMA as a legitimate expression of support for the largest gay male s/m organization in the world. But let's investigate that support in greater depth.

You know, we all join various social, religious, political or educational groups not for what they can give us directly but simply because we believe in the particular work or goals or influence that each is embarked on to make our own private world much better. They are doing what we, as individuals, are incapable of. For instance, joining Peopl