Tips on Technique: How to Shave a Grown Man
By Gil

Shaving can represent the removal of the "manhood" of the bottom, the subservience and vulnerability of the boy, the power of the master. When more visible areas are shaved (e.g. the head), the bottom must deal with issues of image, vanity and ego. From the point of view of physical activity to follow, shaving often makes bondage easier (no hair to catch), and certainly simplifies wax scenes.

There are various tools for shaving, including straight razors (requires much practice), clippers, waxing and prep razors. This article will deal with the last, which are easy to use and require no water or lather.

Materials Needed

Areas to Shave

The head would require clipping the hair short first, and would take lots of time and care. My favorites are armpits, chest, pubic hair, cock and balls, and ass. I find back, arms, and legs less sensuous and more time cons