Always Something Great To Do on Wednesday Nights

What do you do on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month? If you are smart, you attend GMSMA's programs. They're fun, educational, and are always a great way to meet lots of like-minded men. GMSMA's fall 1996 lineup of programs featured some very hot, interesting and informative topics. Here's a round-up:

GMSMA kicked off its 1996-97 year with a welcome back social and Exploratorium on Sept. 11. Men attending this program were invited to try out heavy metal bondage equipment courtesy of Peter and rope harnesses courtesy of the men from the New York Bondage Club, plus liquid latex, flogging, and more.

Shave and a haircut
Fans of body shaving, buzz-cuts and erotic hair removal were in for a special treat on Sept. 25. Gil demonstrated body shaving using prep razors on two willing bottoms, who gave up their chest and armpit hair. Lee followed with a talk and demonstration of straight razor technique. Lee shaved a willing bottoms back and then selected a volunt