Feet and Boots in S/M: A Workshop
By David W.

From NewsLink, Winter 1998-99

It is a cool, autumn afternoon. The sun is already low in the sky, and there is a chill breeze in the air, as a group of men gather at an apartment in the East 20s with a great view of the city and the setting sun. What brings these members of GMSMA together this afternoon is a common interest: an interest in s/m as it applies to men's feet and to men's boots. Over the next several hours, they will explore these interests and some exciting fantasies.

The workshop is divided into three segments: feet, boots, and feet in an s/m scene.

Alan, who runs the New York-based Foot Friends organization, leads off the first segment. He introduces himself and explains his life-long fascination with men's feet, how they excite him and play a key role in his sexuality. Alan's experience in this arena is vast. We learn that many men are turned on by various aspects of feet.

The turn-on can be very specific. Some men like big feet, some prefer small. Some are turned on by smelly feet, others are not. It is possible to have a fetish for socks, and this can be even as specific as white athletic socks versus sheer nylon hose. One can be turned on by athletic footwear, by dress shoes, by boots.

What kinds of activities can one explore with a fellow foot fetishist? We talk about foot worship, which can be worked into a wide variety of s/m scenes, from daddy/boy to teacher/student to business executive/delivery boy. A small segment from a video, showing this last combination, is viewed. The cute young delivery boy on the video has a great time worshipping the suited executive's sheer nylon dress socks. It is obvious that this is a real turn- on for the actors.

Another form of foot worship, which can be quite rewarding for both parties, is massage. Enlisting the aid of a member of the group, Alan demonstrates his excellent massage technique, using a small container of peppermint foot massage cream. When giving a massage, keep a clean towel nearby to wipe off excess cream. You can start out gently and use increasing pressure along the soles and instep of the feet to produce a sensuous and relaxing effect. Separate each toe and work your fingers gently between them. Each toe can be gently pulled and pressed backward as well. Foot massage is an excellent activity to perform mutually. Both you and your partner sit on the floor facing one another. You each have your feet in your partner's lap. Use the peppermint foot cream mentioned earlier, which can be found in many bath shops, or, even use ordinary baby oil. For an enhanced experience, let the baby oil sit in a bowl of hot water before beginning. From these sensual beginnings, an evening of exciting sex play will surely evolve.

The role of boots in leathersex and s/m is legendary. During the second part of our workshop, we discuss why. Wearing a pair of heavy, rugged boots lends a sense of power and strength to the wearer. You walk taller, and the boots make a deep, resonant sound as you walk, heralding your approach. Boots are associated with power and authority, and there are often other masculine associations. These are related to specific roles and types of boots, for example: military, police, construction, hunting, cowboy.

Some men are turned on by the smell and taste of boots. These desires can be gratified by bootlicking, which can be naturally worked into a dominance/submission scene. In a similar vein, the care, cleaning and polishing of boots can become an important part of the bond between two men.

The final segment of the workshop covers how to play with feet in an s/m scene. This is an area of interest that I have been exploring for some time now, and I am delighted to be able to share what I have learned. The foot is a very sensitive part of the body and offers a wide range of possibilities for the production of sexually stimulating pain.

First, a word about safety. The foot is a delicate part of the anatomy, with many, many bones. While it is possible to whip and beat the foot, this must be done with far less force than one would use on the back or the buttocks. Staying within the boundaries of safety, there are still many avenues open to us. All it takes is imagination and a sense of adventure.

You can start with massage, which can be increased gradually from a light and sensual touch to a heavy pressure that will have your bottom squirming. This is a good warm-up. Follow this with a horizontal bondage, including binding the legs and feet so they cannot move.

Your bottom should be either blindfolded or hooded, so that extraneous sensory input is cut off and he can focus on the area of attention—his feet. Now you can proceed to the central focus of the scene. The foot is an excellent area for temperature torture—both heat, through hot wax, and cold (ice) can be applied to all parts of the foot. Small alligator clips may be applied between the toes. Toe bondage, where the big toes are tied with rope and then pulled, can produce a very exciting effect. Metal stimulators, such as the Wartenberg Wheel, can be gently moved across the top, sides and soles of the feet to produce a tingling sensation. Remember that your bottom, bound and blindfolded, cannot see what you are using, and in many cases he will misinterpret what he is experiencing. In general, sensations will be magnified, which you can use to your advantage.

The slightest touch with the tip of a metal probe or a cane, in the right circumstances, can send waves of pleasure through your bottom. I like to modulate the intensity of the scene, varying from mild to heavy and then back down again. Before the scene begins, I will prepare the music that I will use, selecting a piece that is relatively unknown to the bottom but that I am familiar with. The intensity of the scene can track the intensity and tempo of the music, and this can be worked to great effect if you are familiar with the piece. Work up to a peak, where the sensations, over-stimulation and pain bring your bottom to a level of intense arousal. At this point you can be slapping the bottoms of his feet, either with your hands or with a leather slapper. You can use a small whip across the bottom or top of the feet (again, remember those bones). Striking the bottom of his feet with a cane or riding crop can be exquisitely painful.

Once he has been stimulated to this level, I like to masturbate my bottom, still bound, to orgasm. If he is as turned on by foot play as I am, this is sure to be explosive. But the scene is not yet over. As with a wave that rises and falls, the pace of the scene must now be modulated downward. To aid in this, I always have prepared another CD or tape with soothing, calming music. Switching to this music, I return to a gentle massage, caressing and soothing the now spent bottom.

Eventually, the blindfold is removed and the ambient light levels are raised ever so slightly. Finally, the arms and legs are freed, and I climb into bed to hold and comfort him. It has been a powerful scene, he has traveled to a distant place, and I have gone there with him and brought him back safely. Yes, indeed, playing with feet can be great fun!

(For information about Foot Friends, call The Foot Line, , or visit www.footfriends.com.)

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