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Selected articles from past issues:
  Chuck Renslow's Speech at IML 2003
  'Shine your boots, Sir?' The Art of the Bootblack
  Hot Scenes With Hot Ash
  GMSMA by Numbers
  GMSMA Milestones
  Joining GMSMA
 The Reasons for Joining GMSMA
 Sex is Real (Or Can Be)
 Having Fun with Men and Whips
 Barbershop Scenes
 Observations on Fisting: A Personal View
 What's the Big Deal About Spanking Butts?
 The Power of Surrender
 Dangerous Spoons
  Finally, My Zen
 Spending a Night in the Doghouse
 The More Things Change: A Look Back
 Feet and Boots in S/M: A Workshop
 How to Love a Man in Uniform
(And Not Make It an Arresting Experience)
 The Benefits of Membership
 Learning S/M
 Rope Bondage Program: Tied Up on Wednesday Nite
 Tips on Technique: How to Shave a Grown Man
 Hot Scenes With Candles
 Always Something Great To Do on Wednesday Nights
 Gay Marriage: We deserve the choice
 Fetishes: Hairy old men in boots, pissing and smoking cigars
 Tips on Tits
 Abrasion: Rubbing you the right way
 Orifice Restraints: Gags and buttplugs
 Feet and Boots
 Old S/M New York
 GMSMA: Be Involved

The Three Pillars Of GMSMA
 The Education Pillar of GMSMA
 The Social Pillar of GMSMA
 GMSMA: The First 15 Years of Activism

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