Hot Scenes With Candles
By Gil K.

Are you getting hot flashes? Does your skin feel prickly and on fire? Then either you are having an allergic reaction or someone is dripping hot wax on you. Lets hope its the latter, and discuss some technique and safety.

I. MATERIALS. A variety of candles can be used. These include COACH CANDLES: About 5" in length to start, they handle easily for dripping. SMALL VOTIVE CANDLES: After removing the bottom metal tab (be sure the wick doesn't pull out) they look good placed along the bottoms body. If he moves too quickly, he will be punished by an unexpected spill of wax. TEA CANDLES: Only 1/2" high, they are very stable on the body, but may be too hot for some when they overflow. They too have metal tabs. LARGE VOTIVES: They come in big glass jars and can be burned until you get a fair amount of liquid wax, then gently pour it on to cover large areas. This wax may remain pliable when it cools to allow for intact removal of a decoration you have created.

Buy the cheapest candles you can. Avoid any candle containing beeswax (it burns at a higher temperature and will burn the bottom badly); cheap candles have none, since beeswax is expensive. Dripless candles are not sufficiently stimulating. Candles in certain colors may burn hotter; this seems to vary with the brand, so test colors carefully. With the ones I buy, red burns the hottest and black the coolest (so I always start with black); with another brand, all burned the same. Before he comes over, light each candle for a moment to get the wick started.

II. PLAY. It is easiest to have the bottom horizontal, although vertical is possible. Put a drop cloth or towel under him to catch the wax during dripping and especially during removal. Place and light some candles along his body if you wish. Height affects heat, so start by holding your candle as high as you can. This gives the wax time to cool a bit before hitting the body. Unfortunately, some bottoms cannot take wax at all; they'll let you know, but your chances are better when you start high. Begin around the chest and tits, and no dripping above the shoulders. Work your way down, moving your hand to create wonderful patterns on his body.

Watch the bottom, not the candle. People have a tendency to stop when that first drop hits. Don't. Go for a steady series of drops. Occasionally rotate the candle as it drips, so the end burns evenly around. If you stop and too much liquid wax builds up near the flame, you could tip that off into a tissue (unless the bottom would appreciate receiving it at that point in the scene). Gradually lower the candle to see the effect.

The thighs, cock, and balls are especially sensitive. You can make a penis mold by totally coating that area (you can do the same for tits and bellybuttons), and can remove it intact later as a souvenir. When wax falls onto wax, it is not as hot, but the bottom still feels a warm sensation. If he brings his legs together to try to deflect some of the wax, order him to spread them apart and keep them that way! Also remember the possibility of wax on legs, feet, and back.

Don't neglect his ass. Its especially effective to have him on his back with his knees to his chest (try hooking his hands together beneath the knees) so his ass is high and available. Spreading the cheeks opens a wonderfully sensitive area for wax. Depending on the bottoms position, he can hold a candle in his ass, as it drips on him, or hold one in his mouth (but be sure it does not drip on his face or neck).

You can blow gently on him, move your hand along the wax, remove bits of wax and put more on the same spot. Take your time, and make it a sensual scene. If another top is available, he can crouch at the bottoms head and embrace him; this will add to the bottoms enjoyment and increase his desire to take more.

Be creative in your patterns and use of color. Become the Rembrandt of the candle!

III. REMOVAL. If the bottom is hairy, you could shave him first (although that makes the skin more sensitive and the wax will feel hotter). This is especially advisable for the pubic hair area. If this is not an option, the wax removal may be a scene in itself. Removal can be eased somewhat by combing the hair straight before applying wax, or by using baby oil before (makes the wax hotter) or after.

It is easiest to use a comb held sideways to scrape off the wax. Some tops enjoy brushing it off (abrasion scene), or using a knife to pick it off (if you are adept at this, its very exciting). Some little dots of wax will not come off until he has taken several showers (be careful not to clog the drain). After wax removal, the skin will be somewhat abraded (as with shaving), so do not cum on those areas.

Expect little dots of wax all over your floor during the coming week, especially between the scene area and the shower. Its the price tops pay for giving the bottom pleasure! But the bottoms reactions and appreciation make it all worthwhile.

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