GMSMA by Numbers*
*as of the end of May 2001
By Gil



Number of people who have received GMSMA's mailings over the years (members, friends and organizations).




Number of GMSMA members since its inception in 1981. Members are or have been from more than 35 states and more than 10 foreign countries.




Highest single year GMSMA membership (in 1999-2000 season).




Number of honorary members over the years (including 5 women).




Current number of honorary members (including 3 women).




Number of people who have been a member continuously since 1985, when dues went into effect (including 3 honorary members).




Number of men who have served on the GMSMA Board of Directors over the years.




Number of men who have served as officers of GMSMA (including 11 presidents and 9 chairmen).




Number of programs (including annual meetings) held by end of May 2001. (Program No. 200 was on May 22, 1991: "Revenge of the S/M Quiz Show," presented by Thor. Program No. 400 will be on Jan. 23, 2002.)




Number of different program topics that have been offered by GMSMA.




Number of education workshops offered over the years (from 1983 to June 2001).




Number of different education topics.




Number of types of SIGs (Special Interest Groups).



More than 200

Number of members going through the Novices SIGs (since at least 1990).



More than 50

Number of GMSMA Dungeon Demos.




Number of LeatherFests (held annually since 1985).




Number of Folsom Street Easts (held annually since 1997).




Number of NewsLinks (including this special double issue and the original GMSMA News issues).




Amount of money distributed through GMSMA's Hocutt-Ferguson PWA Assistance Fund (64 grants).




Amount that Leather Pride Night has donated to charities from 1984 to 2000. (GMSMA originally ran LPN and has always remained a major sponsor.)




Amount that Leather Pride Night has raised for Heritage of Pride, organizer of New York's annual pride parade, over the years.




Amount of money GMSMA has donated to the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center over the years.




Amount GMSMA has pledged to the Center's Capital Campaign Fund.




Number of chairs GMSMA donated to the Center (plus 12 tables).




Number of organizations that are a member Silver Circle of the Center's Founders' Society (GMSMA).


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