Tips on Tits

The following is more a description of a personal repertoire than it is a comprehensive list of technique. We share it with you in the belief that you may find some of these tricks appropriate to your own style. While we wrote the tips on the assumption that one person does something with another person's tits, you can use any of the ideas below when you handle your own tits-whether you do that for personal training or to enhance your own erotic life. Each person likes different things done to his tits. Some like pain, others like gentle licking and others like non-painful, varying pressure. Some like only the nipple being worked on, others like the area around the nipple being played with, and others like manipulation of the entire chest There are men who like their tits or chest licked, bitten, chewed, sucked, nursed (a combination of extended sucking and chewing), massaged, pulled, twisted, clamped, slapped, whipped, poked, punched. pierced-or any combination of these things done in an infinite variety of intensities. Tip number zero, therefore -- the tip before all tips-is ... Watch Your Partner Closely. Watch his tits and his eyes: learn what he likes!

Even the toughest tits require a warm-up period. Start lightly, then gradually and smoothly intensify. When working on a partner, watch for signs that he may be at the edge, then proceed with infinitesimally small movements.

The most effective implements to use on tits are fingers, tongue, and teeth. The most versatile clamp is a simple clothespin. Get your clamps at stores that sell electronic equipment, general hardware, fishing supplies, automotive supplies, stationery, etc. Leather stores sell some effective specialty clamps.

*The best clamps: any size of alligator clip (with and without plastic insulation); "Japanese" clover clamps (available at any leather store); various sizes of the type of clamp used for car-battery jumper cables; and screw-type clamps used for woodworking. Following is a partial list of other things you can use on tits: toothbrush, nail brush, suede brush, faucet washer, paper clamp, sandpaper, vise grips, kitchen tongs, surgical clamp, knife, and leather laces. In other words, try anything that works.

*The best way for a top to test a clamp, and to know how it feels, is to try it on himself. To try out a clamp in a store without trying it on your nipple, use it on the skin that runs between your thumb and index finger, which approximates the feeling it will give to a tit.

*For suction, use the standard green suction cup and the larger yellow suction cup. Each comes from a snake-bite kit, which you cam get in sporting goods stores, leather stores, or through mail order. The tit attachment for the vacuum pump that is used on dicks also works very well. Of course, you can also use found objects, such as a rubber cane tip or a bicycle handlebar grip

For tying, use rubber bands or any type of string. Waxed fishing line works very well. Beginners might try dental floss.

One of the easier ways to tie a nipple at its base is to use a suction cup on the tit until the tit is as large as it will get, then either slide rubber bands over the top of the suction cup and down onto the base or tie some string around the nipple and pop the suction cup off Nipples are often difficult to tie or to put rubber bands on, and we clearly need a simple device that would assist in this act. The commercially available Elastrator appears, in its advertisements, to be such an apparatus, but those who have experience with it say that problems in using it make it more difficult than simply tying by hand. (The Elastrator was originally used only by farmers for castrating calves. The contraption places a rubber band at the base of am animal's balls; the scrotum eventually rots, dries up, and falls off. Whether you use this instrument on human tits is a personal decision.)

Don't be impatient if suction doesn't feel particularly stimulating. The real purpose of suction is to sensitize and enlarge the tit temporarily (and, if done regularly, permanently).

A basic technique is to clamp a bottom's tits with clover clamps, make him crouch or bend over, and attach clamps with rope to his feet. This position has endless variations and fits in many scenes.

If your fingers need an especially good grip on the nipples because you'll be pulling and twisting exceptionally hard, clean the nipples with rubbing alcohol, which removes any oily substances that might make your fingers slip. If you don't want to stop to clean the tit, just grasp the tit with a cloth or tissue rather than with your bare fingers.

When clamping, seat the clamp on the tit before pulling on it. Allowing it to squeeze into the tit helps it to get a firm grip. Place the clamp toward the back of the tit, away from the tip. A clamp on the tip can easily slide off when it is pulled.

If the chest you have to play with is big and soft you might try grabbing one pec with both hands and chewing on the tit like a sandwich. Try holding a tit out with one hand and rubbing the nipple with the heel of the other hand, pressing not too hard, until the skin gets very hot; then press it, twist it, pull it, scrape it, flick it with your fingers ....

Don't forget the rest of the chest. Chew on it, slap it, use a small cat on it.

Hot wax is especially good on tits and chest. Try dripping an inch or so of wax over the tit, which makes a cast of the nipple when you peel it off Or drip a mound of wax over the tit, let it harden, then hold the flame close to the tit to melt the mound of wax.

If you want your hand free to do something besides manipulating tits, place clamps on the tits and attach the clamps by means of ropes or chains either to a stationary object or to weights. You can also thread the rope through a pulley and hang weights from it.

-- A Contributor

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